hidden lights

Hidden Lights is an anthology and a collaboration of over 50 experienced and novice writers sharing their stories and poems from around the globe. The poignancy of each contribution covers the depths and widths of human experiences often kept secret. The words in this book are real, raging, and riveting. Readers will be captivated by the poetry and essays which plunge to the taproot of soul and the psychology of Truths Not Often Told. Each chapter details the bittersweet of humanity and crosses over stereotypes of gender, racial decree, suicide, justice, depression, grief, and wrapping an inclusiveness in the cusp of being seen and heard.

Edited by Carolyn Riker and BethAnne Kapansky Wright

Published by Golden Dragonfly Press © 2017

Special thank you to the Contributors

Anita Acuna                             Angel Garmon                                    Molly Moblo Perusse
India Adams                             Jaymz Hawkes                                    Sonja Phillips   
Vrinda Aguilera                         India Elaine Holland-Garnett                    Marianne Pownall
Lisa Antley                             Nadia Iqbal                                     Julia W. Prentice
Robin Baldwin                           Jennifer Jepson                                 Shilo Quetchenbach
T.J. Banks                              Don R. Johnson                                  Lucy Radatz      
Cindy Burrill                           Jody Kristine Johnson                           Kathryn Brown Ramsperger
Carmel Breathnach                       John Louis Latil                                Sean Ramsperger
Jhilmil Brechenridge                    April M. Lee                                    Cari Greywolf Rowan                
Kai Coggin                              Judi Lenehan                                    Catherine Schweig 
Beverly Collier                         SK Lockhart                                     Nancy Shiner  
Shannon Crossman                        Lauren Love                                     Margo Stebbing     
Ilda Dashi                              Sherry Lynn                                     Tammy T. Stone        
Annie Dear                              Mariann Martland                                Hillary Walker           
Olivia Delgado                          Dolly Mahtani                                   Linda Webber              
Ryan Dumas                              Maureen Kwiat Meshenberg                        Jessica Wicks                 
Alice Maldonado Gallardo                Taylar Nuevelle                                 Jennifer C. Zechlin                      

“Oftentimes the journey to become one’s truest self is painfully blocked by the human need to fit in. In each of these pieces, I felt witness to this very personal yet universal longing. There was a certain vulnerable courage to connect, to be real, to be heard throughout. The authenticity shared was both beautiful and heartbreaking.”

-Tracy Ann Brooks, poet and author of upcoming Soul Beckons: Whispering Between Worlds

“I was moved by this collection’s diverse assortment of thoughtful and brave expressions of marginalized experiences from underheard voices. It inspires us to follow our deepest inner calling and to embrace personal transformation with open arms. Whatever closet you find yourself in, reading this collection will move you to come out and live true to your most authentic self.”

-John Herold, MA Process-oriented advocate, counselor and speaker